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哪些单词后面加to Do形式

一、① agree to do (sth) ② decide to do (sth) ③ learn to do (sth) ④ promise to do (sth) ⑤ refuse to do (sth) ⑥ want to do (sth) ⑦ manage to do (sth) ⑧ fail to do (sth) ⑨ ask to do (sth) ⑩ offer to do (sth) ⑾ hope to do (sth) ⑿ wish to do (sth) ⒀

afford aim agree arrange ask decide bother care choose demand desire determine elect endeavor hope fail help learn mean manage offer plan refuse tend undertake expect hate intend

常用的就有很多啊 afford, agree, ask, begin, consider, claim, consent, decide, demand, deserve, expect fail, forget, like, hate, help, hesitate, hope, learn, manage, mean, need, offer, plan, prepare pretend, promise, refuse, regret, remember, seem,

to do 用于表目的或者是该动词短语后面跟着的形式 ,比如说i do my homework to get better grades这句里面就是表目的的,翻译为我做我的家庭作业是为了得到更好的成绩..i want to have a rest.这句就是因为有动词want的.ing 一般是在表示现在进行时的时候用,或者某些动词吧,比如i was watching tv when you came当你进来的时候,我正在看电视..i like playing football, 我喜欢踢足球. ed 就是表示过去是的,比如i liked this game.我喜欢过这个游戏.不知道楼主看懂了没有?不懂还可以问的

你好. 第一回答: 你问的“do”属于动词或介词,在这里是动词. 动词在:情态动词(can will would 等)、助动词后+动词原形 是动词(be is am are)+动词ing形式 其它复习资料: my(我的)、your(你的、你们的)、our(我们的)、his

1.(1)be后的动词常用ing形式;(2)介词后面常用ing形式,如:be worried about doing sth.,be excited about doing sth.,be good/bad at doing sth.,be interested in doing sth.等;另外,有些动词后面的动词一定要用ing形式,如:enjoy,finish,

let make have接do(只有这三个只接do)may can shall should could 以及其他情态动词接do mind doing 系动词接ding(am is are been was were) Be busy doing help to do或 help do 都可以 like to do 或 like doing都可以 order teacher ask need接to to do(一次/偶尔动作)喜欢做某事 2.remember to do记得将要做某事 3.forget to do忘记将要做某事 4.hate to do(一次/偶尔动作)厌烦做某事 5.decide to do决定做某事 6.pretend to do假装做某事 7.ask (sb.) to do要求(某人)做某事 8.

目前,除了make,let ,have,feel,see,watch.hear,notice,observe这些动词后是 sb.do外,其他动词后跟to do .至于help是 help sb. (to) do ,可加或不加,一般省略to

即可加to do 又可加doing的有stop like doing:about suggest , finish , avoid , stop , mind , admit , enjoy , require , delay , practise , advise , fancy , postpone , excuse , pardon , consider , deny , endure , escape , miss , appreaciate , imagine ,

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