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There is some orange (juice).

Do you have any juice? I haven't got two kinds of juice.

英文原文:Do you have an orange?英式音标:[du] [ju] [hv] [n; n] [rn(d)] 美式音标:[du] [ju] [hv] [nn] [rnd]

He doesn't have any orange,but some orange juice.

I have a bottle of orange juice. 我有一瓶橙汁.I have a glass of orange juice. 我有一杯橙汁.

Has some juice been got in the fridge?

fruit juice(统称)或简单点juice都可以(某某果汁)如:橙汁 orange juice 苹果汁 apple juice 西瓜汁 watermelon juice

你好!Tom, do you want any orange?打字不易,采纳哦!

我们有水果和橙汁吗?Do we have (any) fruit and orange juice?【比较正式】 or Have we (any) fruit and orange juice?【比较口语化】 祝你开心如意!

See you tomorrow night,Can you send an oral message to him?I'm writing a letter to my friend.There're some orange juice in the cup.Our school across the post office.纯手打,望采纳

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