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She's putting on some weight recently./She's getting chubby recently.Her skin's getting fair.She's getting tanned.

He is fatter. 但用“fat"说别人胖不是很礼貌.可用He gains some weight.

get fat

"她现在有一点胖"英文翻译"she's a little fat now"

She's a little big.(外国人比较忌讳直接说fat)

He is too fat.He is overweight.(客观些) He is obese.(比较贬义了)

她又胖又壮.可翻译为: She is fat and strong.

变胖weight 变瘦thin 再看看别人怎么说的.

胖 翻译成英文是:fat fat 英[ft] 美[ft] adj. 胖的; 肥的; 厚的; 大量的; n. 脂肪; 肥肉; 动植物油; vt. 养肥; 在…中加入脂肪; [例句]I could eat what I liked without getting fat.我怎么吃都不胖.[其他] 比较级:fatter 最高级:fattest 第三人称单数:fats 复数:fats现在分词:fatting 过去式:fatted 过去分词:fatted

胖: 1. plump2. fat Examples:1. 如果你不多作运动,就会发胖. If you don't get more exercise, you'll get fat.2. 那个胖子坐下时,旧椅子发出嘎吱的响声. The old chair gave a groan when the fat man sat down on it.3. 他被夹在两个胖女人中间. He

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