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I have a friend named wangyuanr. Her medium height, shapely, oval face, small eyes but great temperament. She is interested in singing and dancing. She has participated in the city's singing competition, won the first prize. She loves sports, like

wangyuan is one of tf boys s member,he can dance and sing well , i love he very much !求采,我是行星饭,做个朋友吧

it is shame for our country, the japanese who did the massacre deny their brutal act all the time. as the time went by, some japanese want to clear his criminal with denying it, but we can't forget the pain, we must remember it all the time, so that we

My name is _____.I like the star is TFBOYS.Roy I love the most.He is a native of Chongqing.I like Karry very much.He is the captain of the TFBOYS.Jackson is my best love.He is a good dancer.Their song "I love the most" youth Practice

回答和翻译如下:他眼中有春与秋 胜过我见过爱过的一切山川与河流.题记 那个少年有着暖暖的笑容、藏着星星的眼睛、清清凉凉的薄荷 嗓音.他穿着干净的白衬衫,身上空气般纯净的气质让他格外耀眼 .那年那天,少年懵懂许下心愿.

Everybody is good, I today to introduce my idol, his name is hanah.His English name is Roy, he is a member of the TFBoys, he is an artist, he sings very well, he is very concerned about his fans, he is 15 years old this year, his birthday is November

There are three boys in a teen. They are tfboys.The first boy is WangJunkai.His english name is Karry.He is only 15 years old.He hards work every day.The second boy is WangYuan.His english name is Roy.He is a good boy.he is only 14 years old.

hello, my classmates. i am wangyuan. i am 8years old. i am in grade two, class 2.i like my class.there are 3people in my family. my parents and i. i have a happy family. we will be friends in our class.

Wang Yuan is my favorite star. He is 19 years old. He comes from Chongqing. He was born on November 8, 2000. He is a Scorpio. He is not famous overnight, but tempered. His first self-made and self directed music is "because he met you". He

I want to say thank you to my mom, especially on this special day today, because today is the mother's day, I love my mother, because my mother's love for me was very great, very unselfish, and mom's cooking is a taste of her mother, whatever is

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