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1.一百年以后 100 years2.活到200岁 to be 200 years old3.在家学习 at home4.爱上. 4. fall in love with sth.5.养一只宠物鹦鹉 5. keep a pet parrot6.独居 6. live alone7.在大学 7. in college8.太空站 8. space station9.看上去时髦 9.

小学英语日常口语交际用语大全 一、祝愿、祝贺和应答 (Good wishes, congratulations and responses) 1.- Well done and congratulations to you. - Thanks very much. 2.- I hope you'll succeed in everything, - So do I. 3.- I wish you success. - Thank

1. I (She/He) can swim.我(她/他)会游泳.2. Can you (she/he/Danny) dive ? Yes, I (she/he) can. No, I (she/he) can't.你(她/他/ Danny)会跳水吗?是的,我(她/他)会的.不,我(她/他)不会.3. How old are you? I'm ten years old.你几岁

of course 当然 my favourite holiday 我最喜爱的节日 in October 在十月 dress up in costumes 用戏服装扮 last Halloween 去年万圣节 eat moon cakes 吃月饼 play with lanterns 玩灯笼 watch the moon赏月 on different holidays 在不同的节日 last year 去年 我也发几个!呵呵

1.接近 close to 2.去上学 go to school 3.擅长 (be) good at 4.与交朋友 make 21.以字母顺序(排列) in alphabetical order 22.用英语 in English1.初级中学 a junior high

一、短语1、put on your coat 穿上你的外套2、much colder 冷得多3、take your raincoat 带上你的雨衣4、quite cold 相当冷5、make snowmen 堆雪人6、eat ice cream 吃冰激凌7、sit by the fire 坐在火边8、go sightseeing 去观光9、wear T-shirts

read the letters读信 buy a cake for him为他买个蛋糕 be fine很好 go to school去上学 say hello to sb向某人问好 say goodbye to sb向某人再见 visit my school参观我的学校 look at a photo看图片 welcome to our school欢迎来到我们学校 behind the

I. Reception入园接待 1. Hi! / Hello! 你好! 2. Good morning. 早上好. 3. Hello, nice to meet you. / Nice to see you. 你好,见到你真高兴. 4. How are you? I am fine, thank you. 你好吗?我很好,谢谢. 5. Please say bye-bye to your mummy /

1. agree 同意2. answer 回答;答复3. arrive 到达;达到4. ask 问 ;请求;要求5. be 是;成为6. beat 敲打;打胜;打赢7. become 变得;成为8. begin 开始;着手9. blow 吹;刮风;吹气10. borrow (向别人)借;借用11. break 打破;打断;打碎

1. 上小学(中学,大学)go to primary school/middle school/college 2. 大学毕业 graduate/finish college 3. 做实验 do an experiment 4. 通过考试 pass an exam 5. 考试不及格

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