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歌曲:take me to your heart(中英对照版) 歌手:michael learns to r 打印预览 music:jacky zhang words: jascha richter 吻别英文版 hiding from the rain and snow 藏身于雨雪之中 trying to forget but i won't let go 努力忘记,但我怎能就这样离去

Toby Keith -metooIf i send you roses for no reason at all如果我送你玫瑰花毫无理由If out of the blue i stop and give you a call如果从蓝色我停下来给你电话Once in a while it's breakfast in bed偶尔 它是在床上吃早餐And then pull the covers back up

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歌曲名:Hey! Baby!歌手:Anne Murray专辑:Hottest Night Of The YearHey babyHey babyHeyGirls say, boys sayHey baby, hey babyHey baby, babyI'm the kinda girl thatHangs with the guysLike a fly on the wallWith my secret eyesTakin' it inTry to

Human Nature - Don't Say Goodbyehuman nature不要说再见How can I go on我怎么才能继续When I know I gave it all?当我知道我已经付出了所有Have I given too much?我真的付出了太多么?Something inside your heart is pushing me

西班牙歌曲 Monica Naranjo - Oyeme (请听我说) 试听: 歌词: mirando al cielo buscando (staring at the sky looking for ) a un amigo pasado ( an old friend ) que se marcho sin aviso ( who


NomountainstoohighforyoutoClimb.AllyouhavetodoishaveSomeclimbingfaith,ohyeah.NoRiverstoowideforyoutomakeitAcross.AllyouhavetodoisbelieveItwhenyoupray. 没

歌曲名:Madness歌手:Stomu Yamashta专辑:Go Too.MadnessToo much, too fast maybeI don't know where my destiny's taking meSo I'll go wherever it leads meToo high

sarah engels - can't stop It doesn't matter what I doCan't stop thinking everyday about you babyGoing crazy boy it's trueCan't stop thinking everyday about you babyDu du du duThe moment that I wake upI wish you were here with meI put on my make

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