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The magician's next trick will astonish you. 魔术师的下一个把戏会使你感到难以置信.

1. We were astonished at the news of her sudden death.她突然去世的消息使我们 astonish.使非常吃惊;使震惊. affectwithgreatwonder;Overwhelmorastonishsb使某

assignment:分配 eg:The assignment problem is a kind of combinatorial optimization problems. 分配问题是一个组合优化问题. assure:保证 eg:We assure you of our best services at all times. 我方保证向贵方随时提供最佳服务. astonish:使惊讶 eg:In the end, he discovers a secret that will astonish the world. 旦哗测狙爻缴诧斜超铆 最后他发现了一个震惊全世界的秘密. 希望可以帮助到您.

1.He quickly accustomed himself to this new way of life. 2.The police appealed to the crowd not to panic.3.a serious challenge to the Prime Minister's authority 4.They surrendered their guns to the po

One day,Jaky and his father went to fish by the new Jeep.Suddenly,a kangaroo jumped out that stopped them. Jack was so angry and then he astonishly found that there was a kitten in the kangaroo's bag.It seemed that the kangaroo was implored

1 问: astonish造句100个,例子要精彩 答: 1. We were astonished at the news of her sudden death.她突然去世的消息使我们震惊.2. She gave 详情>>2 造句要求是什么时候? 回答 2 3 我在操场上,

because,because of,so,hope和wish I can not lend you any more money because you never pay back. you`d better take the raincoat along because of the coming rain He often slept in class so he failed in the final exam. He hopes she would agree to get married with him. She wishes she would get a rose from her boyfriend.

1 astonish :to astonish震惊 astonish at sth因某事感到震惊 2 leave:leave behind留下;丢弃;忘记携带;忘记带 paid leave带薪休假; 带薪假Taking Leave道别;告假;有关告别;告别 leave about乱扔;乱放;乱丢 leave balance假期总额;积存

i always go to school at 7 i usually go shopping on sunday i often go to the park she sometimes visits me he hardly passes the engliish exam there was ever a tall building . i never give up when face the difficulties

如果你是春天,何必为一瓣花朵的凋零而叹息; 如果你是种子,何必为还没有结出果实而着急; 如果你就是你,那就静静微笑沉默不语.

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