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用BuBBlE up造句

1.打扫;整理 she is cleaning up the kitchen now.她现在正在打扫厨房.2.清理 we should clean up the past-due bills.我们应该清理逾期票据.3.梳洗 wait a minute.i'll have to clean up.等一下,我要梳洗一下.4.【俚】大捞一笔 he cleaned up in the stock market last year.去年他在股票市场大捞一笔.

造句:1.Clean up my room,please.请打扫我的房间.2.Dad cooks when Mum is busy, he makes me clean up my messy room 妈妈忙的时候爸爸做饭,他还让我清理我乱糟糟的房间.3.She used to mess up the floor and I had to clean up after her.她

It should brighten up in the afternoon. 到下午天就该放晴了. You can usually brighten up someone's day. 你常常能点亮别人的好心情. He brightened up at the mention of tea. 一提起茶他就来了精神.The weather is brightening up after a month of rains. 下了一个月的雨后,天气开始放晴.

cheer up 是欢呼高兴的意思 I cheered up when my mother told me that she bought me a computer.

I want to cheer my mother up on Mother's Day. _____ 纯手工 寂寞才说爱欢迎为您解答

divide [di'vaid] v. 除,分割,划分,隔开 1. the class is divided in opinion. 整个班级意见有分歧. 2. what method can divide scar? 有什么办法可以除疤? 3. divide the cake with your sister. 跟你妹妹分吃这块蛋糕

She cleaned up the mess on the floor. 她把地上的乱东西收拾干净了. My room is very dirty, so I have to clean up my room.

we are clean up the classroom 我们打扫了教室

tidy up 收拾,整理1、we should tidy up the place before we move in. 在我们搬进去之前应该先把那地方收拾一下.2、he began to tidy up his desk and finish off the week's work. 他开始整理起他的办公桌,以便结束一周来的工作.3、international attempts to tidy up the law have made some things better, but not all. 调整这种法律的国际间的努力使得一些情况有所福丹弟柑郗纺甸尸鼎建好转,但不是全部的.

Sponges soak up water.海绵能吸水.Sponges readily soak up water.海绵容易吸水.They gathered around the stove to soak up warmth.他们聚在火炉周围取暖.These specially - made partitions soak up sound.这些特制隔板可以吸音

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