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i love sping! 我爱春天!

spring is coming. 春天来了

花在春天开放.Flowers bloom in springtime.我闻到春天的气息.I could smell the spring in the air. 都春天了,倒下起雪了.It's spring, yet it is snowing.

the spring is great.(一般现在时)did spring come?[一般过去时]spring will come.[一般将来时]spring is coming.(现在进行时)spring has come.a breeze has sprung up.[现在完成时]

spring is my favorite season

Spring is the beginning of a year and also it is a beautiful period of time . Everything begins to grow . The trees and flowers begin to come out . The air is fresh and it seems that we can smell the flavour of flowers and grass . Fish begin to swim in the

when the winter over ,the spring is coming 当冬天结束的时候,春天来了


Flowers blossom when spring is coming. 春天来了 花儿就开了.Days in summer are so hot that people would rather stay at home.夏天太热 人们宁愿呆在家.American people use the word "fall" to mean autumn.美国人用fall这个单词来表示秋天.We have passed the last few winters in the south.最近几年冬天我们都是在南方度过的.


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