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show around(v.+prep.) 领…参观 take sb to look around ▲show sb around sth Now that you are all here, let me show you around our farm.既然大家都到齐了,我就带你们参观我们的农场吧. Did you show him around the school?你领他参观学校了


send 是寄或者是发送的意思 sent(过去式)show 是表现,表演的意思 showed(过去式)两个有很大不同例句:I will send you a mail tonight.I sent you the letter already!The show for the end of year celebration is on tonight at the event centre.Show me the way to the toilet please

show off 炫耀show up 使呈现,使醒目on show 在展出show in 领入show sb. around 带某人参观show sb. the way 给某人指路show sb. sth. 向某人展示某事show sb. round 带领某人参观某地show sb. sth. = show sth. to sb. 拿什么东西给某人看show sth. to sb. 向某人展示某物show sb. out / in 领某人出去/进来talk show n.谈话节目 现场访谈 road show n. 巡回演出, 流动表演这些是常用的. 希望对你有所帮助.

跟show give用法一样还有:pass ,sell ,offer[提供】,supply[供应】,它们后都接双宾语结构 你的采纳 我的动力 希望我能继续帮助你

s show和give的区别词意思及用法 how是及物动词 vt. 主要是显示、列出的意思.主要意思其实是列出give是给的意思.及物动词,主要是有一个移动,位置上的变化.

show around参观,show in领进,show off突出,show up显而易见,show through显露出. show around参观,Did you show him around the school?你领他参观学校了吗.show in领进,Show the visitors in, will you?请把参观者迎进来好吗?

show sb sth=show sth tosb show sb 地点

show sb sth 展示 show sth to sb展示 vt. 1. 显示,露出[o4] she shows great interest in american drama. 她对美国戏剧很有兴趣. they showed immense courage in the face of danger. 他们在面对危险时表现得非常勇敢. 2. 陈列,展出 the

luckily是副词,常用作评注形状语.luckily,they managed to get to the destination before duskshow作动词和名词1.would you be so kind as to show me the way to the sports center?2.the talent show is being shown on TV.musical形容词作定语 we played the musical instruments for fun. cousin名词,my cousins are all hospitable答题不易,请采纳

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