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is life fair 生活是公平的


friends are life's treasure.friendship means being friendly to each other or making friends with one another.human beings are social animals.they do not live in isolation.they need each other both physically and emotionally.however,some people

Life is not fair, get used to it

首先 bother是费心的意思 fair是公正的 意义为 不要苦恼,生活会公平的评判一切

life is full of you agree with the idea that life is fair? when we say that life isn't fair, we mean everyone is different. we look different and have different experiences. we can't expect life to be perfect. life is what we make. burroughs-an

应该翻译成:一是一,二是二,公正对待,不徇私情的意思.例如:the man is fair and square 这个人很公正.

翻译应该是: 生活是不公平的,要去适应它.

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