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A symBol oF造句简单

a symbol of : 象征Metal or stone is a symbol of hardness and strength.金属或石头是硬度和强度的象征.The white bird is a symbol of freedom.这白色的鸟是自由的象征.

The five-star red flag is a symbol of Chinese people五星红旗是中国人民的一个象征

as symbols of 作为的符号造句:Rings have functioned as symbols of authority, fidelity, and social status. 指环是权力、忠诚和社会地位的象征.

Many young people saw him as a symbol of American youths.


The dove is a symbol of peace. 鸽子是和平的象征.

这个英文单词的意思是公平简单造句如下Fairness is a must in the game

The schoolyard's where we were.那是我们以前在一起的操场.The students are cleaning the schoolyard.同学们正在打扫校园.

symbol 象征,单数 symbols 象征,复数 The pandas are one of China's 【symbols】.The dove is the symbol of peace 鸽子是和平的象征.

1. Please remember me to your family. 请代我问候你的家人. 2. I remember every word he said. 我记得他说过的每一个字. 3. Remember that your life had I! 记得,你的生命有过我! 4. Remember to finish your homework 记得完成作业!

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