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be considered to do sth." 被考虑(认为)做某事”(你把considered打错了吧)如:He is considered to come from England.(他被认为是来自英语.)be supposed to do sth.“应该做某事”如:You are supposed to spe

“be supposed to do sth”的十句:1.When we meet people in Korea,we're supposed to bow.2.You're supposed to clean the classroom after school,boys and girls!3.You're supposed to wash your hands before having

你好!You are supposed to make an appiontment first and then arrive on time.如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

1.give away outstanding 3.effective 4.easily able本身就是形容词啊!例如:he is able to reach the book. blooded

you are supposed to open a door for a lady in Englandyou . greet the old in China印度 俄罗斯真心不懂


新目标中考复习九年级英语全一册词组 Unit1 1.studybydoingsth.根据…来学习 2.endupdoingsth.结束做某事 3.some用于一般疑问句中, ①表示.真诚的邀请:Wouldyoulikesome…? ②想得到肯定的回答:CouldIhavesomewater? 4.beginwith以…


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