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CAll At用法

call at : 1. 访问 2. 停泊 3. 作短暂访问 4. 访问、拜访 call sb at 1234455 : 给某人打电话拨1234455 please call me at … : 以…(电话号码/地址)给我打电话 money at call and at short notice : 短期通知放款 | 短期内可收回的贷款 Should i call you

Call on和call at只有一个区别就是后接表示人的名词或代词,call at 后接表示地点或场所的词语.试比较:1、I called on the Smiths yesterday.我昨天拜访了史密斯一家人.2、I called at the Smith's yesterday.我昨天去了史密斯家.扩展资料:call

一、后接词不同1、call on后接表示人的名词或代词.如:I called on the Smiths yesterday.我昨天拜访了史密斯一家人.2、call at后接表示地点或场所的词语.如:I called at the Smith's yesterday.我昨天去了史密斯家.二、强调性不同1、call at强

call at 和call on 都可以表示访问 拜访,例句与用法:1. I'd love to, but my father's go to call at me. 我倒是希望来的,可是我的父亲要来看我.2. I wanted to call at him the minute he arrived. 我刚要打电话给他,他就来了.3. OK if I call on you

call at 打给某人, 访问,停靠call in v.召集, 召来, 来访call by 顺道访问

call at到…进行短暂访问 He called at Mr. James this afternoon. 他今天下午到詹姆斯先生家去拜访了他. call out 大声喊叫; 召集; 命令(工人)罢工; 使跃出; 向挑战; 要求和决斗 For further details, please call out company. 欲知详情,请

call at : 停靠: 访问I shall call at hishouse tomorrow. 明天我要到他家里访问.This train calls atthe chief stations only. 这班列车只停靠大站.call in : 邀请,召来,叫…进来你回家时能顺便探望一下妈妈吗?call off : 取消The game is calledoff on account of rain. 比赛因雨取消.call out : 大声地喊; 召集Call out the numbersso that we can hear them at the back. 大声报出那些数字让我们在后面坐的人也能听见

call for: (1) 喊着要人取来(某物);喊着要(某人)来 ask in a loud voice for (sth. or sb.) to be brought or to come [例句] I'll call for it on my way home this evening. 我今晚回家时顺便来取. (2) 去取;来取;去或来接(某人) go or come to fetch;

call in的用法如下:1、call sb in2、call in sb3、接名词时,宾语可以放在动词+副词中间.4、接代词时,宾语只能放在动词+副词中间.call in 读音:英 [kl n] 美 [kl n] 释义:请来,找来,顺路拜访,顺道走访.语法:作“叫来

不用加at,直接用call xxxxx就行此外,也可以用phone the number xxxx或call the number xxxxx

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