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ComE ACross造句

come across1.穿过(路、桥等) Don't come across the street when there is heavy traffic. 车子多的时候不要过街.2.偶然发现或碰到 I came across this old photograph when looking for a book yesterday. 我昨天找书的时候,偶然发现了这张早年的照片.

come across 1. 偶然 遇见 偶见 i came across my teacher .

Have you come across this problem? 你遇到过这个问题吗

Yesterday I came across an old friend.

When you come across difficulties, never give up.遇到困难别放弃.

I came across a group of children playing.I came across an old diary in her desk.I've never come across anyone quite like her before.He comes across as a very intelligent, sensitive man.He comes across as a bit of a bore in interview.She comes across really well (= creates a positive image) on television.

Come across 用never 倒装造句Never has he come across such a bad lady.他从来没有遇到过如此坏的女人.再看看别人怎么说的.

1、crowd in 蜂拥而来Men crowd in dozens everywhere she goes.无论她在哪里总是 意外地I met Tom by chance yesterday.昨天我偶然遇见汤姆.3、come across 无意中发

I came across Mr. Wang yesterday on my way to office.

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