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9 Crimes中文歌词 歌手:Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan 专辑:9 Crimes [SINGLE] [IMPORT] Leave me out with the waste离开我 This is not what i do并不是我所做的 It's the wrong kind of place在错误的地点 To be thinking of you想念你 It's the

crimes 英[k'ramz] 美[k'ramz] n. 罪,罪行,犯罪( crime的名词复数 ); [例句]They have been accused of genocidal crimes. 他们被指控犯有种族灭绝罪. [其他] 原型: crime

9 Crimes 九宗罪Leave me out with the waste 忘了我吧This is not what i do 这不是我的所作所为It's the wrong kind of place 这真是一个错误的地点To be thinking of you 来想念你It's the wrong time 这真是错误的时间For somebody new 去另寻新欢It's


In the middle and late 20th century, with the rapid development of science and technology, high - tech, represented by network science and technology, came out one after another. At the same time, all kinds of high - tech crimes, represented by




Damien Rice - 9 Crimes 沉醉寒风 制作 Leave me out with the waste This is not what i do It's the wrong kind of place To be thinking of you It's the wrong time For somebody new It's a small crime And i've got no exuse Is that alright? Give


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