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different是形容词 后加名词 如Different people have different opinion.不同的人有不同的意见 differences是名词复数形式 原形不用加s 例句:There are so many differences between us.我们之间有太多不同

The two sides have differences over aims and methods. 双方在目的和方法上有些意见不一致. We've had our differences in the past, but we get on OK now. 过去我们有过分歧但是现在我们相处得不错. Leave behind our differences and we can work it out. 把我们的过分歧放下, 我们便可以解决那事情.

betweenKK:[]DJ:[]prep.1.(指时间、空间、顺序等)在之间They planted a lot of 一个城镇连接著另一个城镇,两者之间有一条路.What is the difference between this and

这几个造句我做过 group:My best firends and I are in the same groupdisabled:We should help the disbled childrendifference:There is no difference between the

对---有影响 make. a. difference This is where rotarians can make a difference 这便是扶轮社员可以加以改变之处. The sea air has made a difference to her health 海上的空气改善了她的健康状况.

The difference (主语) in these two levels (主语的定语)is (系动词)the situation (表语)in which you use a particular level (表语的定语)这两种表达层次的差异是使用某一特定表达层次时的情境.(如用于正式场合和非正式场合)语境是context,situation 应是指情境或情景,即正式

with the pace of modern life becoming faster and faster.随着现代生活步伐越来越快 both…and…should make an effort.某两个双方应该共同做出努力 as for their difference,both side should make allowance for each other.对于他们的不同,双方应为

1.The difference of you and me is weight.2.The dishes taste differently.3.I don't love you love me,as well I love you.5.Please touch me onemore time.

1.网上有许多关于运动的信息. there are lots of information about sports on the internet. 2.我们下星期天将举办一次旅游. we will organize a travel next sunday. 3.动物园从上午9点开放到下午5点. the zoo is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 4.这家

1.Absolutely. (用于答话)是这样;当然是;正是如此;绝对如此. 2.Absolutely impossible! 绝对不可能的! 3.All I have to do is learn English. 我所要做的就是学英语. 4.Are you free tomorrow? 你明天有空吗? 5.Are you married? 你结婚了

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