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extravagantly [简明英汉词典]adv.挥霍无度地


grange [英]grend [美]rend n. 农庄 网 络葛兰许;格兰奇;农庄生机;奔富酒王复数: granges1. Most of the New Grange site is an earth - covered cairn. 新格兰奇的大多数遗迹是被泥土覆盖的石堆.来自辞典例句2. New Grange is one of

Can you go for fantastic walks? fantastic: [ fn'tstik ] a. 极好的,难以相信的,奇异的,幻想的 词形变化: 异体字:fantastical 副词:fantastically 名词:fantasticality 例句与用法: 1. We watched a fantastic play yesterday evening. 昨天晚上我

the life has no future, understanding my person, you at? the a common evening, having no can go of i carry an only double shoulders to wrap aimless 漂 at this city wear, wear shuttle in the cars of the continuous flow with vanish quickly of in the crowd


fantastic 是 指 Incredible, excellent 很 了 不 起 , 很 棒 的 意 思 fantastic [ fAn5tAstik ] adj.幻想的, 奇异的, 稀奇古怪的, 荒谬的, 空想的意思.

As we see ,water is the source of life. But there is very limited available water resources in our world. So we shouldn't waste it. Of course, we have to use it to drink, cook, wash, clean and etc. But we must remember not to use it extravagantly. If we

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