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healthy 的比较级是healthier 所以应该是 :healthier and healthier

可以说:healthier and healthier 越来越健康.还有时用:more and more+多音节形容词.如:more and more beautiful 越来越漂亮


to 后面加be

Health is very important for everyone.And we all believe that the healthier we are,the happier life we will enjoy.To me,the healthier I am,the more interesting things I can do.If I

How to make students healthier and happier is still a problem for us.If we are happier and healthier, we can have energy to do everything including study. If we are strong, we can do things well. If we are happy, we like to do things. We should have a

Being healthy can change one's life. In the past i used to eat a lot of junk food and did not perform a lot of physical activities. I gained weight quickly and became self-conscious of my body image. But now, I am living a completely different lifestyle. I


我认为应该是 We should live better ,healthier. 这是形容词作状语 但不是方式状语 而是伴随状语 或叫双重谓语=We should live better and be healthier.

3这是系表结构, 应该用形容词healthy, 排除1(名词). 没有比较意味, 故排除 2, 4意为: 保持健康 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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