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I need help with my English homework.

He helps me with my English 他帮助我学习英语

help sb with sth 帮助(某人)(做)某事; 例句:1.I can help you with your homework.我可以帮你做作业.2.He helps me with my English.他帮助我学英语.3.I often help him with his math.我总是在数学方面帮助他.

he often helps me (to)do my homework. the dictionary helps you (to) know the meaning of words. we should help mother with some housework. tom is very kind . he always helps me with my english.

I will help you with your housework.(我将会帮你做家务.)


help sb with sth造句 Tom helps Lucy with her English learning.I help mom with her housework.The teacher help his students with their homework.I will help you with cooking.This will help you with your skin problem.I will help you in every way I can.I will

how to deal with the problem is a big question. 怎么解决这个问题很麻烦. deal with 就是翻译为解决,后面只要加 麻烦,难题就可以 了,疑问代词用how do with 意思差不多,疑问代词用what

helpwith 有助于1 Parents often give their time to help with classroom or after-school activities.家长经常抽时间帮助教务或其他课外活动.2 It 'll also limit your online time and even help with time-based billing for certain projects.同时,这款程序还

I would like to help with you English.

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