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object to doing: 反对 ;反对做某事 object to do sth: 反对做某事 object to doing: 反对 你看,懂了吧??

object to 的to 是介词,后面+Ving

object to (词组)= 反对bject to 表示反对, 后面一般接名词或动名词, 不能接原形动词.

这里 to 是介词, 介词后既可以接 doing sth 也可以接名词,代词的 object to 反对; 对…反感 i object to him.我反对他.they objected to me on personal grounds.他们出于个人的原因反对我.i don't object to a glass of beer.我不反对喝杯啤酒.i object to its smell.我讨厌它的气味.we objected to leaving in such a hurry.我们反对这样匆忙地离开.请及时采纳,不懂继续问( 天天在线 )(*^__^*) 祝学习进步! 谢谢!

object to doing something的中文翻译object to doing something 做某事的对象

有to后面加doing而不加do的有:be used to doing,习惯于 object to,反对 devote oneself to,致力于 stick to,坚持 pay attention to,注意 respond to,回答 look forward to,期盼 see to,照料 contribute to,帮助 sub

是object to sb(用宾格)doing sth to是介词

object of doing 是指做某事的目的、宗旨是什么;object to doing 是指反对做某事;eg.1.The object of exercising is to make you healthier. 2.Moms in China always object their children to falling in love in school.

这个to 是介词,所以用doing

动词+ed变成形容词 be treated as 被、、、看待,用法和 be regarded as 一样object to doing sth 和 object to do sth 都是可以的,就相当于 remember to doing sth 和remember to do sth 一样,前者已经做了,后者还没有做

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