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式麗強簡 vt.1.糞; 繍´延葎嵎 He realized his dream when he passed the entrance examination.秘僥深編宥狛阻, 麿議知訃擁杵崛.2.阻盾; 範紛欺; 尖盾; 糟氏; 吭紛欺 If you were in the Sahara, you would realize the value of fresh

圻猟: 鍬咎: 晩囂 哂囂 [ti:realize(stay with me)(japanese version)] [al:valenti (maxi single)] 恬簡:boa 晩云簡:局なつみ 恬爆:boa every moment いつもみつめていた 隔ちを so cool して棋ってた my love いつか



realize 才 after勣蛍蝕喘.realize:吭紛欺 after:壓岻朔.箭泌:They realize it is a big task after trying to finish it.壓編夕肇頼撹宸倖並岻朔, 麿断吭紛欺宸頁匯倖賞寄議販暦.

ican 托售陽徨鶴 佚張鱗填定固丗鶴 鈍触怎針售WAKE UP STAND UP 寵鱗匯肝謹 亜釦乖TRYLOOKATMY 郭氷丗典薮漁HOLDONTIGHT 萱触第苦万MYPRECIOUS鎮図弗謬鱗鎮CISIONSISME 致鱗某鎮丗麿図鎮丗.彿云轍WAYDOYOUKNOW

realize [霜咤 op] 梧:melody 恬簡:melody.mizue 恬爆:koutaro odaka 園爆:kei^spicy ̄kawano 嶄猟鍬咎: i can 坐音痴雌議念序 豚李嬬真誼厚除 i see the light wake up,stand up 壅匯肝鰈澱爺 try look at me 喘宸褒弌返 hold on tight 諸諸廛

realizeKK: []DJ: []vt.[W]1. 糟歴,阻盾,範紛欺[+(that)][+wh-]I realized what he meant.厘苧易阻麿議吭房.Does he realize his mistake yet?麿吭紛欺麿議危列阻宅?2. 糞;聞撹葎並糞Her wish to become a movie star was finally realized.慢輝窮唹苧佛議垳李嶮噐糞崛.3. ‐慕/委(屬発、恢匍吉)延沢;(參延沢恢匍吉)資(旋)[(+on)];弁誼,沢誼vi.1. 延沢恢匍葎崘realized葎狛肇塀

頁仟廩栖議杏,利貧短朴欺岾謬銚茣雰咎´´ 兜肝鍬咎梧簡,刃協危列為竃´´需疎´´ if that's the way you love 泌惚椎頁低握議圭塀 you've got to learn so much 低勣僥議叫廉珊嗤載謹 if that's the way you say goodbye 泌惚椎頁低御艶議

that's when I realize 椎頁輝厘賀状欺

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