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He sets about making his professional basketball career .He sets out to make his professional basketball carrer .He gets down to making his professional basketball carrer .


有,意思相近 开始的意思

两者都意为”着手做某事”,只是后面接词形不同.前者后面接不定式.后者接动名词.stop to do sth是停下现在正在做的事,然后去做另一件事 (宾语sth是要去做的另一件事) stop doing sth 是停下现在现在正在做的事(宾语sth是正在做的事) forget to do sth是忘记要去做某事(宾语sth是要去做的事) forget doing sth是忘记曾经已经做过的事 (宾语sth是已经做过的事) remember to do sth是记得要去做某事(宾语sth是要去做的事) remember doing sth是记得曾经已经做过的事 (宾语sth是已经做过的事)

1)set about意为“开始;着手”, about为介词.例如: As soon as she got home,she set about preparing lunch.她一到家就开始准备午饭. 2)set out to do sth.=set about doing sth.意为“着手、开始做某事”;set out for=set off for=leave for意为

to set about doing something 开始动手(或着手)做某事 set about solving the problem. 着手解决问题

set out=set off, 都是“出发”“动身”的意思.后面跟介词for ,表示:“动身去某地”(=start for some place)例如,they set out to look for the lost milu deer. we set off early in the morning, hoping to arrive before dark. that morning a new ship set

set about doing着手做……set an example to sb像某人树立一个榜样

set about:开始,着手;set out:出发,动身;set out后加不定式,即set out to do sth,而set about后加 ing形式,即set about doing sth.①set out:出发,开始,侧重于开始做某事,还有规划,展现的意思 例句与用法:They succeeded in what


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