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set off fireworks和let off fireworks都是放烟花的意思. 例句: People set off fireworks and tooted their car horns. 人们点燃烟花,按响汽车喇叭. The teacher forbad the pupils to let off fireworks in the school. 老师禁止学生在学校放烟火.


Opinions on whether fireworks should be banned or not vary from person to person. Some are in favor of the idea of setting off fireworks, because they think it can bring good luck to the special days, especially to the coming new year. If fireworks are

set off=light 意思是“点燃”.烟火也可以说是烟花.


放烟花set off firewoks

不错啦set off [light] fireworks 放烟花 firework是指烟花

1. set off for 意为“动身前往某地” 翻译:这艘巨轮于1912年4月启程前往美国 careful with these fireworks, the slightest spark could set them off.对这些爆竹要格外小心,稍有火星就能引爆它们.

把内容发来、 especially like children. But agains t the people argue that set off fireworks set off firework s too dangerous. And worse for the environmental pollution, af fecting neighbours have a rest. Bring inconvenience. I d on't support the

ignite the firecracker 点炮竹ignite the squib 点小鞭炮

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