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we achieved victories one after another. 我们取得一个又一个的胜利. my parents' divorce have a bad effect on me. 父母的离婚给了我很大的不良影响.

What was the cause of the accident? You have no cause to complain. World peace is a cause we should all work for. What caused him to quit his job? I'm afraid I'm causing you much trouble. The earthquake caused great damage. The dirty water

the enverionment has a great effect on the growth of children 环境对孩子的成长影响很大

adjust to 英[dst tu:] 美[dst tu] [词典] 调整, 调节; [造句]How did you adjust to college life?你是如何适应大学生活的?Yes, I can adjust to anything. 是的,我什么都能适应.First, it must support the activities needed to adjust to

他们是同义词,在假定的词义上(无证据的)假设;臆断it is reasonable to assume that such changes have significant social effects.有理由假定这些变革会产生重大社会影

篇the computer impact on human being

regardless of 英 [ri:dlis v] 美 [rrdls v] 词典 不管, 不顾; 无; 不拘 网络 不管; 不顾; 不论 双语例句 1 it takes in anybody regardless of religion, colour, or creed. 任何人,不论宗教、肤色或信仰,都可以加入. 2 regardless of


He is a believable man. 他是一个可相信的人I think it's believable. 我认为这是可相信的Seems believable. 看似可相信

Long time playing computer has a strong side effects.

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