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television[英][telvn][美][tlvn]n.电视节目; 电视,电视机; 电视业; 复数:televisions 例句1.I don't have much time to watch very much television.我

答案:【television】翻译:电视机.解析:它是一个名词,一般用的是它的缩写形式【TV】. 原创回答,欢迎采纳【你的10分满意,我们团队的无限动】

television 核心词汇 英 ['telvn] 美 ['telvn] n.电视机;电视节目;电视行业释义常用度分布图海词统计电视机电视节目电视行业newtelevision是什么意思,词典释义与在线翻译:详尽释义n.(名词)电视,电视机电视广播电视业电视系统电视学电视节目电视接收机查看更多双解释义行业释义英英释义television的用法和样例:例句用作名词 (n.)He turned up the volume on the television.他把电视机的音量调大了.His first film was shown on television this weekend.他的第一部电影本周末在电视上播放.


1. a television profile of Ernest Hemingway 一段欧内斯特海明威的电视简介 2. Can you watch television and do your homework at the same time? 你能同时看电视和做功课吗? 3. We're all aware of the power of fictional characters in books,

电视机:television 英 [telvn] 美 [tlvn] n.电视,电视机; 电视节目; 电视业;变形 复数: televisions 例句:1.He was carrying on about some stupid television series. 他喋喋不休地说着某个无聊的电视连续剧.2.The

TV setn.电视机goggle-boxn.[英俚] 电视机idiot boxn.Slang (名词)【俚语】 A television.电视机[tl“…-vzh”…n] D.J.[6tel*7vi9*n]K.K.[6tWl*7v!9*n]n.(名词)The transmission of visual images of moving and

Watch TV. 泛泛的指看电视Watching TV (Television.) 动作正在进行Watched TV 过去式 (别人问你昨天晚上干什么)going to the cinema 看电影 (去电影院)see a movie 泛泛的指看电影

CHUM Television International, alongwith its extremely successful MuchMusicchannel, is known throughout the worldfor leading edge music television. Theyhave had many opportunities to exporttheir model and are used to beingapproached by

在电视上基本翻译on TV(on television)on the television网络释义在电视上:on the TV | on the television

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