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wEnt CAmping的同结构短语

camping不是进行时,而是动名词,是兼有动词和名词特征的非限定动词,动词ing形式的一种 就像go swimming 里的swimming也是动名词 千万别觉得动词加了ing就是进行时了!!!

rode a horse-----ride a horse 骑马went camping----go camping 去野营

rode a horse 原形: ride a horse went camping 原形: go camping went fishing 原形: go fishing rode a bike 原形:ride a bike hurt my foot 原形: hurt my foot ate fresh food 原形: eat fresh food

went boatingwent camping by the lakewent to the beachplayed badminton

1.saw some were) soaked3.won the first prize4.went to classes5.went camping in rainy days6.drived for a the future8.visited tourists' center9.singing Dean's was a terrible day12.sounded like a

What did you do last weekend./When did you go camping?I went camping last weekend. What did she do?/Where did she go?She went to the beach.How was your weekend? My weekend was great

go(went)camping.这是个固定用法,类似的有go swiming、running等等

原型,汉语词语,读音为yuán xíng.指原来的类型或模型,特指文学艺术作品中塑造人物形象所依据的现实生活中的人

固定搭配have a holiday,所以用have

有的,需要加上on,常用短语应该是 went on a camping trip去户外野营/露营~~双语例句 权威例句1.Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went on a camping trip. 跟读夏洛克. 福尔摩斯和华生医生到户外野营.bbs.my0511.com2.Sherlock Holmes

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