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wisely ['wazl] [词典释义]ad. 1. 聪明地;英明地 2. 明智地 [网络释义]1.明智地,聪明地记忆力的英文单词:the faculty of memory; the ability to memorize

wisely的名词是:wise wise 读法 英 [waz] 美 [waz] 1、作形容词的意思是: 明智的;聪明的;博学的2、作及物动词的意思:使知道;教导3、作及物动词的意思: 了解 短语1、clock wise 顺时针方向 ; 顺时针 ; 顺时针标的目的 ; 顺时针方

wisely[英][wazl][美][wazl] adv.聪明地,英明地; 明智地; 例句:1.If we use this time wisely, we can rescue the boy. 如果能好好利用这个时机,我们就可以救出孩子.

wisely 英[wazl] 美[wazl] adv. 明智地; 聪明地,英明地; [例句]He wisely contented himself with his family and his love of nature 他非常明智,拥有家庭和对自然的热爱便知足了.


wise [形容词] / [动词]wisely [副词]

He solve the problem wisely.他聪明地解决了这个问题.


1.He never behaves honestly, nor wisely.他的行为既不诚实, 也不聪明.2.That was not wisely done.那件事做得不明智.3. If you command wisely, you'll be obeyed cheerfully.指挥有方则人人乐从.4. The King ruled his people well and wisely.这位国王

wise A wise person is able to use their experience and knowledge in order to make sensible decisions and judgments.She has the air of a wise woman\x09她有才女气质.You're a wise old man:tell me what to do.\x09您是位睿智的长者:告诉我该怎么办.

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