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昨天见 See You Yesterday我有这个,里面都是新出来的好玩看不了的,就在我看我简戒..,感兴趣的话可以了解一下

1. don't cry for me argentina 2. hotel california 3. yesterday 4. my heart will go on 5. close to you 6. say you say me 7. big big world 8. i will always love you 9. perfect moment 10. better man 11. lemon tree 12. my love will get you home

My Heart Will Go On (love theme from Titanic) - Céline DionEvery night in my dreamsI see you I feel youThat is how I know you go onFar across the distanceand spaces between usYou have come to show you go onNear Far wherever you areI

卡朋特-yesterday once more 斯卡布罗集市-莎拉布莱曼 自己去听 绝对经典

你好!yesterday - leona lewis仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

应该不是英文歌吧,倒有首韩文歌第一个词是yesterday,名字叫做《Yesterday》,是Park Hye Kyoung的,LG手机广告歌

Yesterday Once More 歌手:Carpenter When I was young I'd listen to the radio Waiting for my favorite songs When they played I'd sing along, It make me smile. Those were such happy times and not so long ago How I wondered where they'd

.yestoday once more 《昨日重现》2.Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You 《此情永不移》3.My Heart Will Go On 《我心永恒》4.Right Here Waiting 《此情可待》5.Heal The World 《拯救地球》6.Cry On My Shoulder《在我肩上哭泣》7.That

my love

yesterday - 朴慧京

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